viernes, 27 de diciembre de 2019

Cartoonist: Imam Hahaha

1- Tell us who you are, where do you live, what do you do for a living?

1-I'm imam_hahaha from Indonesia

2- What comes first to your life, music or drawing?

2- the first thing that appeared in my life was music, because with music I was able to get to know more about works of art.

3- how does an illustration of yours develop?
From the idea to the final result.

 3-like the alcohol we drink, flows warmly, hahaha

4- what is your role in the underground scene?
And how is the Under scene in your region?

4- I have had a band and have toured, and get to know more drunks, that's amazing for my life, hahaha
the scene in my country is good.

5- What are your favorite bands?

5- Punks.

6- For what bands have you designed the artwork?

6- There are many bands that I have drawn. but there are some that I like, which are:
 - PHANE Hardcore punk band from Vancouver B.C. Canada
 - DECADE raw punk band from Ontario
 - DISEASE raw punk band from Macedonia

8- what types of graphic arts do you work with?

8- PunkArt , DrunkArt , ChaosArt , hahaha

9- what was the best show you saw?
Do you remember why?

9-All the shows I've seen are good.

10- what bands can you recommend from your environment?


11- you follow the illustrations of other artists. Who are they?

11-Robin (fear my nerves) & Gonzo Alonzo Art

12- what would your life be like but art and music?

12-There is no life for me without art and music.

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